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Nature-based solutions in cities

Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon River displays how cities can design green space to manage flooding and improve the urban landscape.
A new and ground-breaking European trans-disciplinary Horizon 2020 project

Lund University is now a partner in NATURVATION, a project focusing on nature-based solutions in cities. From Lund University, the IIIEE is involved in the project together with LUCSUS and CEC.

Read the full article in Lund University Research Magazine

Description of project:

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) have the potential to respond to climate change, enhance biodiversity and improve environmental quality while contributing to economic regeneration and social well-being. Yet there is a substantial gap between the promise of NBS and their uptake. To unlock the potential of NBS for sustainable urban development, NATURVATION will take a transdisciplinary, internationally comparative approach to: Advance assessment approaches to capture the multiple impacts & values of NBS to deliver a robust evidence base for decision-making; Enable innovation to identify the most promising governance, business/finance and participation models and how to overcome the systemic conditions that currently limit their use to support systemic integration; Generate momentum to realise the potential of NBS through co-design, co-development & co-implementation of new partnerships, knowledge, recommendations, processes and tools required to build capacity, enable replication and foster cultural change.

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